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In year 1985 a group of Iranian engineers planed to simulate and do reverse engineering a 100 MTPD Formalin plant. They started to study equipments, machineries & civil works. At the same time the engineering standards were compiled in a centralized documentary department. Basic and detailed engineering, piping and instrumentation diagram of storage tanks, vessels, water treatment system of boiler & process water with electrical conductivity of less than one micro siemens, plot plan, isometrics as well as fire fighting system were designed. Fabrication and procurement of rotary machineries as well as civil works was performed. Installation, erection and start-up task commenced.    

Current Situation:Thanks God that by now SINA has the ability to design, construct and commission 100 TPD Formalin plants along with other derivatives plants at any place inside or outside Iran.

  • Paraformaldehyde 99% Powder
  • UFC 60, 85
  • UF Glue 63% And UF Glue Powder
  • Furan and Phenolic Resins for Foundry & HPL industries
  • MUF resins
  • Modified Phenolic Resins
  • Cold Box, Cold Set and Hot Box resins


  • We have the ability to check and control completeness of similar technology if such a contract is signed.
  • We design and construct water treatment systems to produce water with less than one micro siemens electrical conductivity
  • We design utility systems
  • We design atmospheric and pressure vessels

Main Plant:

SCIC (PJS) is located in the gas and oil-rich area, south-east of Iran. The Plant is 15 Kilometers away from Shiraz Petrochemical Company (www.spc-ir.com), thus Methanol, Urea and Ammonia raw materials are freely available .The plant is surrounded by 7 hectares of green plantation. Land transport as well as on the way operative rail road facilities to our biggest Bandar Abbas sea port has made a unique opportunity for SCIC to improve and develop her international exportation market.

Sister Plants:

One plant is located at the center of country and the other is near by the capital city, Tehran.

Above two plants with their great innovational technologies has granted SCIC (PJS) an incredible chance to market, supply, serve and consult her domestic and international customers in a proper and acceptable way. The company has elaborated, implemented and integrated quality, environment, health & safety management system based on ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2004.