Written by Administrator.

SCIC plants of Formalin 37-42 Percent, Hexamine min. 99.5 Percent, Para formaldehyde min. 98 ±1 Percent Powder, benefits a well managed architectural backbone based on BIP, England and Josef Meissner Germany, established on 1985 and was put into production on year 1990.

Thanks god, by now SINA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES COMPANY has the ability to :

design, construct and commission 100TPD Formalin plants along with silver catalyst technology together with other derivatives plants at any place inside or outside Iran.

Also :

  • SINA has the ability to check and control completeness of similar technology if such a contract is signed.
  • SINA designs and constructs water treatment system to produce water with less than one micro siemens electrical conductivity.
  • SINA designs utility systems.
  • SINA designs atmospheric and pressure vessels.
  • AND SINA has established high technology OIL PRODUCTS.

Formulation department and production sites.

OIL FIELDS CHEMICAL are among our future ambitious plan.