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Huayan PCMC, the premier supplier of formaldehyde plants and related downstream technologies, is pleased to announce the signing of three contracts with Sina Chemical Industries Co., (SCIC) Iran.

One contract is for the supply of a 70,000 tpa formaldehyde unit based upon the state of the art of-gas recycle process .

The second contract is for the supply of a 5,000 tpa hexamine unit based upon the gas-gas reaction between formaldehyde and ammonia.

The third contract is for supply of a wastewater treatment unit of capacity 140tpd. This latter system can not only remove organic impurities such as formaldehyde and hexamine to produce water suitable for recycling in the on site chemical plants in Shiraz but also recover all methanol and ammonia present in the wastewater. These deals were signed recently by Ehsan Bayat the Managing Director of SCIC and the Commercial Deputy Mohammad Ghodrat. following a 4 day visit to China.

Mr. Hua Qiu Fa the President Director of Huayan PCMC said “I am extremely pleased to be awarded such a prestigious set of contracts with the most renowned chemical company in Iran. We will endeavor to make these production units a showpiece for the Middle East marketplace and will provide unprecedented levels of support and service to ensure optimum performance at all times for SCIC. This project is also an indication of how we are focused on providing complete solution packages to our customers. A key aspect of the project with Sina Chemical Industries was the provision of a wastewater treatment unit capable of treating not only existing wastewater on site in Shiraz but also predicted wastewater volumes from the new plants.

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This is certainly not a trivial issue as wastewater containing hexamine is known to be particularly diicult to treat effectively. To complicate matters further, economics also dictated that all the methanol present in the wastewater was required to be be recovered and made suitable for reuse in formaldehyde production.Consequently, Huayan PCMC spent considerable time and effort to find a solution which satisfied all the criteria set by SCIC. As a result, Huayan PCMC entered an alliance with Prof. Li from Tianjin who is the foremost expert in wastewater technology in China. he resultant treatment unit is the most advanced technology available anywhere. This latter agreement with Professor Li is part of a much wider strategy Huayan PCMC has implemented in the past year.

At its main site located in the southern city of Shiraz, SCIC already produce formaldehyde solution in two formaldehyde units based upoon the silver catalyst process. In addition, this formaldehyde is converted to various downstream products including hexamine and paraformaldehyde.At present it has 220 employees and owns RMB 150 million ixed assets. In 2009 & 2010 Huayan PCMC is investing another RMB 200 million to expand their production capabilities even further to meet increasing customer demand. Huayan PCMC’s engineering processes and solutions are developed in close collaboration between research, engineering and production, ensuring the creation of catalysts and processes, which surpass the clients’ every expectation.

Sina Chemical Industries Co. (SCIC) is one of the premier chemical manufacturers in Iran.