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Welcome to SinaChem Website

Our Horizon is :

  • To maximize sustainable value and performance for the shareholders, clients, employees and the society.
  • To achieve sustainable economic success.
  • To achieve sustainable development and profitable growth.

We Care and Value :

  • Environmentaly friendly products.
  • Clear competitive advantage.
  • Clear strategic focus.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • Quality and hi-speed response.
  • Flexibility and innovation.

SCIC (PJS) is located in the gas and oil-rich area, south-east of Iran. The Plant is 15 Kilometers away from Shiraz Petrochemical Company (www.spc-ir.com), thus Methanol, Urea and Ammonia raw materials are freely available .

Surrounded by 7 hectares of green plantation. Land transport as well as on the way operative rail road facilities to our biggest Bandar Abbas sea port has made a unique opportunity for SCIC to improve and develop her international exportation market.

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